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TagOut™ Graffiti Abatement Paint

Made From Recycled Latex Paint

Tag-Out graffiti abatement paint packaging

Tag-Out™ is available in 5-gallon pails as well as 275-gallon totes.

Acrylatex's Tag-Out™ is a recycled paint for graffiti abatement applications and is manufactured from both raw materials and recycled post-consumer latex paint products. It's a professional grade coating has been specially formulated for use within the graffiti remediation industry. 
Tag-Out™ is available in 20-stock colors and provides fast one coat coverage for most any application whether it's sprayed-on, rolled-on or brushed-on.  Tag-Out™ can be tinted to match specific colors requirements for your contract applications.  
Using Tag-Out™ is economical as it's been proven to be less time consuming than conventional methods of graffiti abatement such as sandblasting, pressure watering or applying costly virgin paint.
TagOut™ can be tinted to mach all of your current spec paint colors.
Tag-Out can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on.
Before and after results using Tag-Out paint


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