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Where Can I Dispose of My Latex Paint? How Can I Recycle Paint?

California law prohibits disposing of paints into landfills with steep fines imposed for improper disposal practices as paint is considered a  hazardous waste.
For Residential / Homeowner and small quantity generators:
Bring up to 500 gallons of water based paint, primers, sealers and stains to our facility in Azusa.  You may also bring up to 27 gallons of oil (solvent) based paints.  There is NO CHARGE! 
We do have trucks that can pickup at your facility (for a pickup fee).  Please call us for a quote.
For Commercial / Trade:
Contact PaintCare at to arrange for pickup of larger quantites of paint.  

     GOOD FOR YOU:  

  • Regain valuable storage space and avoid costly fines.



  • All paints collected are recycled.
  • All our containers collected are 100% recycled.

Let us know how we can assist in setting up a a waste removal program for your company. Contact us today with any questions you may have!



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