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Life Cycle™ Custom Recycled Paint Colors

Let Us Custom Color Match Our Recycled Paint
To Your Next Painting Project!
Custom color paint matching.

Many commercial offices, building exteriors and facility grounds already have particular paint colors specified to be used in various areas and painters and contractors are required to continue using those specified colors.  So if none of our standard 20-colors are a close enough match, then Acrylatex can custom blend our recycled paint to replicate the exact color you need, regardless of the brand of paint at a small extra charge (based on color and batch size),  for this service.*


By using recycled paint and custom matching it to your paint color specifications, a substantial material cost savings will be gained (typically you'll be only paying about 1/2 your normal cost) in addition to being kind to the environment.  It's definitely a win-win for everyone involved in the project. 


*Note that minimum quantity orders do apply for any custom color matched paint, but most any commercial painting project easily meet the minimum order quantity. 

Contact us today to see how we can help CUT MATERIAL COSTS on your next painting project. 


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