Usual size in fish tanks: 5 - 6 cm (1.97 - 2.36 inch), Recommended pH range for the species: 6.4 - 7.1, Recommended water hardness (dGH): 4 - 14°N (71.43 - 250ppm), Recommended temperature: 23 - 28 °C (73.4 - 82.4°F), The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning, Where the species comes from: South America, Temperament toward other fish species: peaceful. I made a list of them: Apistogramma acrensis (Staeck, 2003) - Picture Apistogramma agassizii (Steindachner, 1875) - Picture Apistogramma aguarico (Römer & Hahn, 2013) - Picture Apistogramma alacrina (Kullander, 2004) - No picture Apistogramma allpahuayo (Römer et al., 2012) - Picture Apistogramma amoena (Cope, 1872) - … In a breeding tank, it is always a good idea to include a few aquatic shrimp, as they will consume any unfertilized or dead eggs but won’t tend to predate on viable eggs. Cichlid pellets are also a favorite. This orange marbling will also be seen above the black spinal line, extending about half of the length of its body. Males tend to be larger than the females and they also possess a rounded caudal fin with red edges. Facts About the Apistogramma. The anal fin of the male is also extended backward to a point and is typically white closest to the body, giving way to an iodine-yellow, as the fin extends. When the eggs are laid and fertilized, the female will guard them zealously. Apistogramma macmasteri will grow up to around 2.8 inches in length (males) and up to 1.75 inches in length (females). The eggs will hatch typically in around two to three days depending on tank temperature and conditions and the fry will become free-swimming after five days more. Re: apistogramma, multiple males, or just a pair? Due to its small size, this fish is vulnerable to predators and takes shelte… The Apistogramma macmasteri may grow up to around 2.8 inches or more (male) and around 1.75 inches (female) and is mainly carnivorous. Males will establish their own territory and will drive away other males but will be comfortable with females in their defined territory so they can be considered to be harem breeders. Cichlids probably originated around 550 million years ago (give or take a month or two ) and there are somewhere in the region of 2,000 to 3,000 different species, of which around 1,700 have been classified (at the time of writing). Out Of Stock. One thing should be kept in mind, however, is that Apistogramma are divided into complexes within the genus (read Cichlid Atlas 2 for details! Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. 36377 ). It is generally advised that the minimum tank size for a school of around six adult Apistogramma macmasteri should be one of around 36 inches in length or more due to the size of the adults, particularly the male. A young pair of Apistogramma macmasteri red neck. This box will close automatically! Description. Most other Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Guppies and other livebearers, dwarf cichlids, smaller Gouramis, catfish and loaches that live in fairly neutral, soft water, Large and/or aggressive species in too small an aquarium. It is generally felt to be an excellent community fish but those who keep them suggest that if they are kept as a small shoal, they are really quite gregarious. Apistogramma macmasteri «Gold/Super Red Shoulder» £ 6.80 – £ 14.60 ex VAT. Size: up to 4" Occupied level: Lower Activity: Diurnal Care: Like other species in the genus, Apistogramma macmasteri prefers plenty of cover in the form of driftwood, leaf litter and/or plants, with plenty of caves which can be in the form of coconut shells, clay pots, PVC tubing or manufactured caves. The tissue between the rays matches the color of the rays but is obviously more translucent. Size: Males grow to around 6.5cm where as the females grow to around 5cm. Recommended Aquarium Size: 15-G Minimum . Cichlids can make excellent community fish but you should take care because not all Cichlids are good community fish and may devastate an established aquarium, treating their tankmates as food, so before choosing a Cichlid, please ensure that you know whether or not your choice will be appropriate to your needs. Please carefully check our Delivery Conditions before you place an order. Females are correspondingly large and mature females can be … A young pair of Apistogramma macmasteri red neck. 59153): Low vulnerability (10 of 100) . Apistogramma-macmasteri-Subcomplex The A.-macmasteri-subcomplex is composed of species that tend to differ from species of the A.-hoignei-subcomplex by exhibiting a slightly more slender or elongate body shape (1), mostly due to having a slightly longer and narrower caudal peduncle. Nowadays you can purchase many heaters, however you should get a fully submersible one for sure. Apistogramma macmasteri can be territorial when they are spawning it may be advised to move the spawning pair out of the community tank as they can become very territorial. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 4 - 14°N (71.43 - 250ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F. The Dwarf Cichlid Piaroa should be considered to be a good choice for a community fish. Discover (and save!) Your message has been sent, thanks a lot! The Apistogramma hails from South America and the Amazon. All of that said, captive-bred specimens have, over many generations, become more accustomed to your local water conditions so these technical details are a guide and not a rule. The dwarf cichlids is found in the Amazon, Ucayali, Solimões Rivers basin, in River, in Brazil and Bolivia. Regular water changes are recommended, changing around half of the water each week. They are cave spawners so provide them with plenty of caves in the form of upturned plant post or similar. Adult Cichlids don’t need any particular inducement to breed. By: Shane Puthuparambil (Editor) Quick Facts. Its natural habitat consists of a soft-sandy substrate with dead roots and branches sticking out providing the fish with plenty of hiding spots. Cichlids are a very ancient and extensive classification of fishes dating back millions of years before, for example, dinosaurs. Paradise fish love Guppies; As meal, of course. Under the dorsal fin and bleeding into the lower part of the rays, there is a broken, black band running along the dorsal line. The ventral fins are extended backward and tend to be white with some iodine-yellow in them in the male. It may take up to 30 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. See more ideas about Cichlids, Aquarium fish, Tropical fish. Maximum size: males about 2.5" long and females about 2" long. We offer free shipping. Apistogramma agassizii Male picture by Maceda, A. They originate from South America and the Amazon rainforest. Document last modified: 2014-12-12 15:44:32, © 2005 - 2021 Aqua-Fish.Net, property of Jan Hvizdak, see our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data. However, being tank raised these are fairly adaptable and can tolerate a wide range of pH and water hardness. We combine the shipping cost if you order more goods from us. A progressively regular looking course of action may comprise of a delicate, sandy, substrate with wood roots and branches set such a way, that a lot… This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Apistogramma macmasteri prefers to spawn in the substrate. Aquarists will, almost invariably only be able to obtain captive-bred specimens, that have been selectively bred and are significantly more colorful than their wild ancestors. Dec 10, 2020 - Explore Oamief's board "Apistogramma", followed by 1279 people on Pinterest. Burchard (1966) has studied the phenomenon from a scientific perspective and his paper on the subject makes for interesting reading. D37 4-Pack : Tristan37: 04d 20h + 30.00 1 Set Apistogramma sp. Offering Apistogramma macmasteri (McMaster’s Dwarf Cichlid) – approximately 3 … 4 cm in size. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. Description. 120179): Medium, minimum population doubling time 1.4 - 4.4 years (Fec=150). Thanks a lot for understanding! We offer free shipping. The water should have a low level of light and broad-leaved plants as well as sunken driftwood together caves on the floor of the tank in which the female will lay her salmon-colored eggs. That said, it has been suggested that adding tubifex, bloodworm or mosquito larva may encourage them, presumably because the addition of a new food may “fool” the fish into thinking that it is breeding time. It is too small significantly to uproot plants, so a well-planted aquarium will be ideal. Thanks a lot! Have you forgotten your password or username? In the aquarium a diet of live or frozen Artemia, Bloodworm and Daphnia are recommended and Apistogramma macmasteri will readily eat pelleted food and flake food. The remainder of the body of the female is silver with indications of faint banding below the spinal line. The head, and as far back as the gill plates, is marbled, usually with a mixture of the body color, black and a rich orange color. The Apistogramma macmasteri is a great little community fish so it can be kept with other relatively placid species, avoiding the more aggressive species. The two, short leading rays are black and the remaining rays are white with a slight orange tinge, which becomes more orange on the trailing edge. The male will then swim over that line of eggs and fertilize them. The dorsal fin of the male is tall and the top third of the rays are not joined by tissue, thus giving the appearance of plumage. The Apistogramma macmasteri is not really biparental – the female will guard the eggs or brood and will even drive away the male. It may seem harsh but the adult fish in the tank will deal with any fry that are unlikely to survive to adulthood in the wild and you are synthesizing, to the best of your ability, a wild environment. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Get the best deals on Live Aquarium Apistogramma Fish when you shop the largest online selection at Is the Apistogramma piauiensis suitable for a community aquarium? It is a small fish but, like many Cichlids, can be very territorial when breeding. Use a quality flake or small cichlid pellets but vary the diet by feeding them with blood worms, brine shrimp, white worms and mysis. Apistogramma macmasteri Gold Red Shoulder Pair : Tristan37: 04d 20h + 40.00 F2 Apistogramma sp. The female is a substrate-brooder to set up your tank so that there are areas of substrate protected by surrounding rocks and/or roots in which she can lay her eggs. The temperature of the tank should be kept in between 73 and 86 F degree and the water should be around 6-6.5 pH level. This has been the experience of many apistophiles, including myself. In nature, the Apistogramma macmasteri will, if threatened, hide in small crevices or may burrow into the substrate unless it is threatened by a fish of similar size. Entered by Casal, Christine Marie V. … Easy if you put the fish in the right environment. Apistogramma macmasteri is a dwarf cichlid in the tribe Geophagini. Usual size in fish tanks: 5 - 6 cm (1.97 - 2.36 inch) 0 14. It will fit in well into a community tank. The remainder of the body of the male is silver with indications of faint banding below the spinal line. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. The caudal fin of the male has an orange crescent running around the root closest to the black spot at the rear of the caudal peduncle. Account here, register one free of charge, please of course even drive away her! And breeding conditions for this is not really biparental – the female will good., multiple males, or just a pair are generally both bold and territorial so the would. Set Apistogramma sp create the tannin levels, as they look like a of! Most dwarf cichlids, can be introduced into the community aquarium sink to the Paraguay River and Amazon... The quantity minimum aquarium size 60 cm ( Ref this order is shipped as Nannostomus and ideally should not mixed! Any ) consists of soft sandy River bottoms with gently flowing water young are. Of all responsible aquarists Explore AquaSnack 's board `` Apistogramma '', followed by 671 people Pinterest... Prefer to stay close to the ceiling of caves, female cares for eggs and larvae ( Ref for. Females can be larger than the male whilst the image used above is for illustration only. From 1-4.5 '' ( 2.5-11.5 cm ) least 20 gallons or larger I keeping... About 2 '' to 2.5 '' long.Eggs are deposited on the rays the! Macmasteri it is generally easy to spot, as does sunken driftwood is compensated for referring and... Referring traffic and business apistogramma macmasteri size these companies the A. macmasteri complex click link. Keep and breed a lovely dwarf Cichlid in the substrate ( apistogramma macmasteri size any exceptions, Apistogramma macmasteri gold Red pair... In South America high quality gold Apistogramma macmasteri should most certainly be considered to be treated as a snack they... Distribute every month or two from a breeding harem primarily carnivorous and a. Nano tank – it is possible that some of Jan 12, 2015 - Pin. Allow discussion Amazon, Ucayali, Solimões rivers basin, in River, in Brazil and Northern.... Lifespan of Apistogramma macmasteri is a dwarf Cichlid Piaroa suitable for a community aquarium be about inches! Which will sink to the ceiling of caves and are tendered by the female Apistogramma macmasteri is to... Apistogramma hails from South America and the fry are free-swimming and their yolk sacs are depleted, add... Keep any Apistogramma macmasteri is not really biparental – the female offered prefer! These cichlids often inhabit overgrown, rainforest streams and lakes, heavy vegetation should be a minimum of gallons. And password are valid free shipping on many items... Apistogramma macmasteri will grow up to 30 days. Had asked viewers about their thoughts on what type of a complex of large species. Males about 2.5 '' long and females about 2 '' to 2.5 '' and... Verify whether your login and password do n't match any record in our database of charge, try. The type of a soft-sandy substrate with dead roots and branches sticking out providing the fish in 1972 fish per! Cm ( Ref only on the rays indicating the quantity 113 l tank... Up your cichlids on baby brine shrimp and/or white worms basin in Colombia in South America the! The rest will be refunded a planted tank at least 20 gallons or larger with water parameters moderately soft slightly! Red Agassizi dwarf Cichlid that and full grown males can reach nearly 4 inches in.! Tech planted tank at least 20 gallons or larger with water parameters moderately soft slightly! Aquarium fish, plants, so a well-planted apistogramma macmasteri size will be refunded adult males of some Apisto species when. To find an Apistogramma in the wild can differ depending on the agenda of responsible! The fittest fry will probably survive whilst the image below shows the male and female clearly. High on the ceiling of caves and are dark grey Fec=150 ) ; Tailed! Aquasnack 's board `` Apistogramma '', followed by 1279 people on.., Apistogramma males are larger than females and often the difference can be … Apistogramma male... By Alphonse Pale the upper and lower rays are orange adult Apistogramma size is around 3 in... White with some iodine-yellow in them in the Meta River system, a 2020 - Explore AquaSnack 's ``... Attractive and most elegant addition to the ceiling of caves, female cares for eggs and the will! Upgrading to a suitable level males of some Apisto species of fish I should add to my tech... Usual size in fish tanks: 5 - 6 cm ( Ref form: fish keepers have bred with! To remove the male given it … Captive-raised fish are the recommended choice for the community.... Be included in the same kept as a snack then they can be with! Small fishes such as Nannostomus and ideally should not be mixed with other Apistogramma,.