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The Green Paint - November 2011

Why Does Paint Crack and Peel?

Problems With Peeling or Cracking Paint

When interior paints blister or crack, the trouble sometimes can be attributed to poor-quality paint, however in most cases the trouble is actually due to poor surface preparation or the wrong methods of paint application.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayer

Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling Attending CalCon Expo 2011

For Immediate Release

Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling Attending CalCon Expo 2011 with Eco-Friendly Products
See how a waste stream material like latex paint can be turned into renewable and reusable products.

Glossary of Painting Terms

The following glossary contains terms used commonly in the paint and coatings industry to describe the characteristics, usage and components of paints and coatings.

Abatement: Involves either removal of the painted surface, covering the painted surface with an impermeable surface, or covering surface with heavy-duty coating (encapsulant).

Acrylic: A synthetic resin used in high-performance water-based coatings. A coating in which the binder contains acrylic resins.

How to Calculate A Painting Project

Here's a simplistic method to calculate how much paint you’ll need for your painting project.
Step 1.
For painting walls: measure each wall’s width; add together, then multiply total by room height.
Step 2.
Find area (length times width) of doors and windows, then subtract this number from wall area number in Step #1.

Painting an Exterior of a Home

Painting the exterior of a home is a big project. There's a lot of surface area and failing to properly prepare and cover each surface will result in paint that peels and flakes prematurely. In order to the job properly, there are some simple steps to follow.

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