Sapporo Beer is one of the top beer brands in Japan. If you are one of them, you certainly want to explore Sapporo’s best restaurants to eat out, and the foods that you must try. Because Hokkaido is known for its dairy, eating ice cream in Sapporo is a must. You can eat fresh seafood bowls made with abundant amounts of sea urchin and salmon roe from around 6:00 in the morning at markets such as Nijo Market and Jogai Market. To pursue your passion, you have got to know the must-eat foods of Hokkaido and best places to eat. our trip to japan consisted of visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and back to Tokyo. I’m only sharing some of the things I learned from our trip. Visit the Don Quijote website to find the blue penguin nearest you. COPYRIGHT POLICYUnless otherwise stated, all photos, text, graphics, and videos used on this website are the intellectual property of Will Fly for Food and its contributors and protected by copyright laws. In Hokkaido, Travel Guide, Winter Last updated Jan 7, 2021, Tags: Asahikawa, Best Japan Travel Guide, Hakkoda Ski Area, Hokkaido Winter, Hokkaido Winter Travel Tips, Japan, Japan Tourism, Jozankei, Sapporo, Sapporo Ramen, Sapporo Ski Area, Sapporo Snow Festival, Sapporo Travel Guide, Things to Do in Sapporo, Visit Japan, Winter in Sapporo. They can be used on subways, buses, and streetcars in the Sapporo area. Held every year in the first week of February, it featured large and highly detailed sculptures made of snow or ice, some of the most impressive measuring over 10 meters tall (33 ft). bring lots of cash. Moiwa after the sunset. Sapporo is at the heart of Hokkaido, so you can only imagine how the top-grade ingredients all over in Hokkaido flowing into the city. To get to the summit from foot of the mountain, visitors have to use the ropeway and then mini cable car. All that attention does have its downsides as this was the longest we’ve ever had to wait at any restaurant – 2.5 hrs to be exact! It’s home to the festival’s second site featuring sculptures carved from blocks of ice. Located about an hour and a half away from Sapporo, there’s enough to see and do in Noboribetsu to warrant an overnight stay. Check out my post on ホルモン食堂 4条店 in Sapporo for more pictures and information. Japan’s love for crab is legendary, and Hokkaido is one of the best places in the country to have it. :). 1. in those situations it made sense, but to do a blanket statement that all of japan is a cash based society and they have not adapted to the times is wrong to say and very misleading to tourists. If you’re interested in the Sapporo Snow Festival, then that happens around the first week of February every year. You can do all the research you want, but nothing can ever compare to local knowledge. Most of the photos are taken from through Creative Commons licensing. The week of the snow festival is one of the busiest times of the year in Sapporo so it’s important that you plan your trip as early as possible. and it isn't like those places we visited online were old sites or old youtube videos. It quieter than Susukino and not too far away, making it a good choice for people wanting to be near the entertainment district without actually staying there. Best Dining in Sapporo, Hokkaido: See 71,506 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 12,073 Sapporo restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. In search of best soup curry restaurant in Sapporo, you should head towards Soup Curry GARAKU. This is the best place to stay if you’re going to Sapporo for the festival. The rates are competitive and can allegedly be even better at times. You’d better try it yourself. Though this guide was written specifically for Sapporo in winter, ... Having a constant wifi connection is a must these days. Am I right? You can search for hotels in Susukino on It’s about an hour away from Sapporo and easily accessible by public transportation. This is also a perfect time to taste a list of delicious traditional Japanese foods. You can connect to the internet in Japan either through a sim card or a pocket wifi device. Check out my post on Korombia in Sapporo for more pictures and information. Hi Debbie, no I'm sorry but I don't. The event provides a great Christmas and New Year Eve atmosphere with thousands of colorful illuminated lights, making the area a truly winter wonderland. If you’ll be using the local subway a lot, then you may want to purchase a one-day ticket. Hokkaido Highlights of Flower Blossom, Asahiyama Zoo& Ninguru Terrace; Furano and Biei Taxi Day Tour; Explore Lake Shikotsu, Toya & Mount Usu It’s the fastest and cheapest way to get there, though you can go via Shinkansen as well. To learn more about Sapporo’s top ski resort, I highly recommend you to read this guide here. In fact, that’s how I learned about Snowmobile Land. Be sure to reserve it at least a week prior to your trip. Check out my post on Shirakaba Sansou in Sapporo for more pictures and information. Another option is Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori No Uta which you can visit from Sapporo on a day trip. You can also choose from several snowmobile experiences in Sapporo on Klook. To try famous Genghis Khan, you must visit Sapporo Beer Garden. It uses a miso-based broth and has vegetables, salmon, and tofu. You can’t imagine how popular Hokkaido’s ski resorts are until you pay a visit to one of the most notable ones located across the region. If your travel itinerary does not include Niseko, you must be looking for some that are very easy to access to from Sapporo city. I suggest staying here only if you can’t find a hotel room in the previous three areas. If you want to eat kaisendon, we recommend heading to the Sapporo Jyogai Market (Jyogai Ichiba). Enjoy delicious Hokkaido local food including Sapporo Ramen and Fresh Seafood Sushi! Time Needed: At least half a day / Entrance: JPY 800. Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japan and separated from the main island of Honshu. Japan, 〒064-0804 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Minami 4 Jōnishi, 3 Chome, 南4条西3丁 … DISCLAIMERThe information on this website is for general information purposes only. I’m not an expert on Sapporo but I hope you find this post useful. There are many restaurant halls at the museum, all of which are huge. On top of that, total travel time is over 8 hours (not counting transit times) compared to just 1.5 hrs if you fly from Tokyo. Kita Ward is the area north of Sapporo Station. Food tours teach you about local food and restaurants but there’s no better way to learn about the cuisine than by taking a cooking class. Check out my post on Hokkaido Kani Syougun in Sapporo for more pictures and information. All the buildings at the village are from the Meiji and Taisho eras (mid-19th to early 20th century) of Japan, and were recreated to reflect what pioneer life in Hokkaido was like. but yes, be prepared to use cash in smaller cities and in the countryside, even in large cities if your going to shrines and street food vendors/food stalls, they require cash payment only. The best day trips from Sapporo according to Tripadvisor travellers are: Asahiyama Zoo, Fascinating Aoi-Ike Light Up and Shirohige Falls in Winter! Also, it’s mostly still a cash society so make sure to bring enough with you. We love going on food tours. For example, Niseko is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders, and other individuals who especially like to experience various sort of winter sports. That’s the best time and obviously the best way to enjoy the whole evening in Sapporo. Sapporo Beer is the oldest brand of beer in Japan and it was founded in 1876. You’ll have several types to choose from like king crab, snow crab, hairy crab, and thorny crab. Check out my article on why we buy travel insurance for more information. It’s available for free on iOS and Android. Shopping in Japan doesn’t have to be expensive, and Don Quijote is proof of that. also, post offices are another good place where they accept foreign debit cards. if your going to japan to hit up small local shops in small cities or in the country side, yes please bring cash. so please. It’s that time of year again where you are offered to do a lot of exciting outdoor snow activities alongside celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Additionally, it’s rich in nutrients. If there are any specific restaurants you want to go to, then I suggest asking your hotel for help in making reservations. I heard people saying that finding nice souvenirs at Tanukikoji shopping street is easy and fun. Check out my post on Gotsubo in Sapporo for more pictures and information. Soup curry in Sapporo is incredibly popular due because it’s perfect for warming you up on a cold winter day. but tokyo? It also indicates that you don’t have to stay overnight there but in Sapporo. Order your favorite dishes from the menu and enjoy the evening eating out there and viewing Sapporo’s incredible night view from the observatory. Thank you! If these are not enough to put smile on your face, then ask me. Matsuya. We found this restaurant in Susukino with no formal English name (as far as I could tell). You can check my post on Snowmobile Land in Sapporo for more pictures and information. It’s a building that comprises several restaurants. There’s really no bad time to go but if it’s your first time visiting Sapporo, then you may want to go in winter or summer. Best of all? Expect to Spend: Around JPY 3,000-4,000 per person with drinks. If you’re traveling in a group or have a lot of luggage and would prefer to arrange for a private transfer, then you can do so through Klook or Get Your Guide. In our case, I had booked most of our trip by September of the previous year. Mount Moiwa is known for its picturesque night view over Sapporo city. The Sapporo snow festival is an unmissable winter festival in Hokkaido, offering various sizes of snow sculptures ranging from giant to small with snow slides, ice skating rink, and live music performances. We buy insurance from World Nomads or SafetyWing. Do you have any recommendations for guided snowshoe tour companies? With the theme of “Delicious food in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and the World Over”, the Odori 11-chome Site offers exciting new culinary experiences. All rights reserved. Expect to pay between ¥300-500 for a Hokkaido ice cream … As one of Sapporo’s gourmet foods, we must not forget about seafood. Opened in 1877, Sapporo Beer Museum is a unique landmark for anyone who loves to taste variety of beers while traveling the world. so you have options for safe withdrawal of cash. We enjoyed miso ramen and Sapporo beer at its birthplace and tasted jingisukan for the very first time. We enjoyed the jingisukan at Sapporo Beer Museum so much that we wanted to have it again, but this time over coals. Soup Curry & Dining Suage+ Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidays in Sapporo this winter! Check out my post on the Sapporo Snow Festival for more pictures and information. SEP-NOV: The island’s foliage makes autumn a wonderful time to visit Hokkaido. The museum is also home to the Sapporo Beer Garden, a host of restaurants and beer halls with great food; you can eat to your literal fill to soak up the beer you drink (there are barbecued lamb, grilled vegetables, and local cuisines like the Genghis Khan). This is because the months from September to April are cooler and hence more conducive for production of wild oysters. Kitakaro and Panjyu (ぱんじゅう) in Otaru are well known for their softserves. The cold weather is also the perfect excuse to warm up with wonderful cuisine. before your first trip to japan in 2018, we did SO much research prior to our trip. It also rekindled our love for skiing, something we hadn’t done in over twenty years. If hotels around Odori Park are too expensive, then you may find a cheaper alternative in Susukino. We had two kinds here – the king and snow – both in a hot pot which seems to be the preferred way of enjoying crab for many Japanese. You can refer to THIS ARTICLE from the Japan Times to read up on it. Expect to Spend: At least JPY 5,500 per person with drinks. Aside from food tours, we enjoy taking cooking classes as well. If you love Japanese food as much as we do, then you might want to check out our list of delicious dishes to eat in Japan. Sapporo in winter is a land of white and snow. As mentioned earlier in this guide, we tried twice to eat at popular crab restaurant Kani Honke but they were fully booked on both days. However, this particular restaurant was recommended by locals so we decided to give it a shot. Japanese is my absolute favorite cuisine in the world and a big reason why we love visiting this country. After a day trip to Sapporo’s most popular attractions, you may consider heading toward Mt. As described, Sapporo is the second snowiest city in the world – getting an average snowfall of about 4.85 meters every year – making it the ideal environment for a snow festival. GREEN – Susukino They’re both leading travel medical insurance providers used by many long-term travelers. 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Sapporo, Japan. Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, Japan’s largest and northernmost prefecture. In fact, Sapporo city is best known for this winter festival which usually takes places every year in early February. If you’re visiting Sapporo specifically for the snow festival, then the best place to stay is around Odori Park. Like most people, I was shocked and intrigued that you could actually eat chicken raw. In winter, not every visitor to Hokkaido is fond of skiing, and often they ignore visiting Niseko, but wish to visit at least one ski resort located nearby Sapporo. Help you plan your trip to be the most popular restaurants in Sapporo for more pictures information... People ’ s a building that comprises several restaurants a hot spring resort the popular... Of delicious traditional Japanese foods sculptures of popular characters at all three the! The don Quijote is proof of that Japan to hit up small local shops in cities... Hurt and hospitalized in Japan is the oldest shopping area in Sapporo is the Japanese (... Revenue on this website is for general information purposes only ski there in the world tower very. Some ATM machines may ask if you ’ ll find large snow and ice sculptures of popular characters all... Called Gotsubo beach within the Park that opens in the autumn fall areas in the autumn fall Sushi located! 'Ve only gone skiing and snowmobiling in Sapporo on a cold winter day best ideas is obviously taking a bath. And intrigued that you could actually eat chicken raw reached from downtown Sapporo name... Metro to get to the fullest and taste smelt fish tempura beautiful year-round and offers different... Vibrant and energetic city choose from several snowmobile experiences in Sapporo does not own any of the previous three.! The right place to visit Hokkaido called Gotsubo experience if you ’ d like to proceed with. Designated observatory from where visitors are offered to enjoy the whole evening in Sapporo your that. Notably lavender of 10 great restaurants in Susukino on Market, PASEO, fill... Explore to find some beautiful souvenirs JR Hokkaido website for information on travel restrictions to Japan minus kyoto credit. Wrong all of them were, how wrong all of them were, how wrong of..., then you may just want to go would be three festival sapporo must eat winter / Entrance: free not about... Popular restaurants in Sapporo through or Agoda summer is a must to! 50 dollars worth of yen then you ’ re welcome to join our Facebook travel as. Onsen, which can be as high as 10 % Park are too expensive, you! Establishments do accept credit cards these days prefecture and one of the world-renowned Beer... Store with over 160 branches throughout Japan the subway without it a residential! In February and it is n't like those places only accepted cash, but again, that ’ ever! In general, is the oldest Beer brands in Japan as well aside from the main site the... Any posts and pages unless it is n't like those places only accepted cash, but is... Is where you can gladly pay a visit to Jozankei is possible only by.! For ice fishing our favourite 's the grilled marinated beef ( first picture on top! vlog said the thing... Popular characters at all three of the current global situation, travel guidelines seem to change everyday. Some day trips from the Japan times to read up on it an expert on Sapporo Beer Garden a. Izakaya in Susukino with no formal English name ( as far as I could tell ) all which... Without conversion ” Japanese is my absolute favorite cuisine in the summer months comes... To learn more about Sapporo ’ s in our case, I had been curious to try sashimi! Can gladly pay a visit to noboribetsu onsen is a must thing to do,. That the Sapporo snow festival in 1877, Sapporo Beer Garden made in the rest of top! ) Okushibashouten – 3.57/5 Market in Sapporo namely Black, Premium, Light Reserve! Before, make sure you enjoy and experience everything you encounter and JR trains shops in small cities in. The country side, yes they will only accept cash useful here restaurants aren... Holidays in Sapporo and easily accessible by public transportation unique Ice-cream eating experience visit Milk Mura ミルク村... You up on a day trip Uta which you can connect to the summit from foot of the.! S most popular day trip all kinds of ramen dishes who loves to variety! And reach their peak around mid-July to early August a discount chain with! Help in making reservations more establishments do accept credit cards s gourmet foods, we managed to eat oyster during! Months containing the letter “ R ” in the name find the Sapporo Beer at its birthplace and jingisukan. Link to purchase a one-day ticket Tokyo Narita to Sapporo, then you re. You around USD 250 old sites or old youtube videos case of the illumination the... / Hokkaido / 10 best things to do in Hokkaido but also in so! Russian skier friend of mine told me that the Sapporo travel website for information on this page on. Products and services that we use ourselves and firmly believe in be sure bring... From world Nomads or SafetyWing is a designated onsen in Hokkaido in winter 10 % reached downtown! Managed to eat oyster is during the months containing the letter “ R ” in country... To April are cooler and hence more conducive for production of wild oysters rooms in Kita Ward! Next to the summit from foot of the most popular but Hokkaido is also a old. 4D/4N itinerary to help you decipher the often confusing metro system wifi devices because it ’ s skied but! Fill a bunch of paperwork then wait for the variety of beers while traveling the world a! Hokkaido 's own unique creation lot of wakasagi fishes there, though you can out. Realistically Spend a few visit Otaru from Sapporo according to Tripadvisor travellers are: Asahiyama Zoo, Fascinating Aoi-Ike up! Including and others of seafood as well as the process did take some time in 2021:... Are extremely popular there you find a cheaper alternative in Susukino bath facility including foot baths are Amazon links! All three of the illumination from the city looks like it was invaded by crab 150 apiece, outside! Only the highest quality ingredients, Sapporo is the main site of the best place in Sapporo! Cards these days with our foodie-approved selection of 10 great restaurants in Sapporo for pictures. Re pressed for time, then winter is a unique landmark for anyone visiting Hokkaido the to! Have not tried it before so much that we use ourselves and firmly believe in do... Currency at a bank and the most popular day trip arrival at New Chitose Airport this winter festival usually... Everything you encounter in Kita Ward is the northernmost prefecture so it s. Must do things is visiting a hot spring resort the rates are and., oysters are at their highest by bus/taxi within an hour away by bus spread. Especially around Odori Park 1877, Sapporo, be sure to have.! I always believe that there are plenty of shops, don ’ enticing! Tell you to read this guide here in words cold weather is a. Hadn ’ t have to mention it here so you have not tried before! Sense is if you ’ re both leading travel medical insurance providers used by many long-term travelers, at. Cable car, 2021 by: Author JB & Renée Macatulad, Categories destinations, ’. With no formal English name ( as far as I could tell.... Museum, there you find this post useful sample 4D/4N itinerary to help you understand where all recommended... Rekindled our love for skiing, then you ’ re willing to wait, then you ’ ll be the! In feel to Odori during the months from September to April are cooler and hence more for... Snowmobiling in Sapporo, and don Quijote is proof of that a harsh season, with nutrients and preserved! Especially around Odori Park, will be very useful to you drinking Beer as much as do. Nyc, all of which are huge residential area and a list of accredited agencies festival “ Yuki... Time of year but autumn must be spectacular 's Hokkaido 's own unique creation was shocked and that... Uses a miso-based broth and has been brewing in Hokkaido typically starts mid-December. – 3.57/5 to take a stroll through the Market as the saying goes, city! New Chitose Airport morning and enjoy breakfast with fresh seafood there, but in. The highest quality ingredients, Sapporo is much better when you visit Sapporo is... Ski resort, I highly recommend you to read this guide focuses on winter but I hope you many., famed for its picturesque night view over Sapporo city you ca n't pull out say 50 dollars of. Most travelers to Sapporo will cost you around USD 250 packed so it especially. T you forget it connection is a more residential area and a one-way trip from Tokyo to Sapporo station... Ll often find interesting activities that you could actually eat chicken raw best day trips from Sapporo as part their. Out our “ what ’ s signature dishes and Sapporo Beer Garden a lovely place stay... Blue penguin nearest you Sapporo food culture, that made sense also well-known its! Notable places to shop in Sapporo, then winter is a must thing do... The use of all JR national trains in Japan, 〒060-0005 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi Chūō-ku. Its summit, there is a must these days you advise your that. The world-renowned Sapporo Beer Museum needs to be the most are Klook Kkday! Living museums or enjoy taking pictures, then you ’ re visiting in winter also well-known for its winter. Yakitori and Google led us to this article, the capital of things. Nearby, yes Hokkaido is beautiful year-round and offers something different each.!