The Convict Cichlid breed well in normal tank water conditions, but with a raise of temperatures to around 30°C. Unlike cichlids, where the one instance of paternal mouthbrooding is thought to have evolved from biparental mouthbrooders, paternal mouthbrooding in bettas is thought to have evolved from bubblenesting male care. They will spend most of their time near their territory inside caves and plant matter. For example, in many large Central American cichlids, the offspring eat nutritious mucous from the bodies of the parents. In the typical system with internal fertilization, the male has a modified anal fin (called a gonopodium) that he uses to transfer sperm packages into the female. Many convicts also love to shelter in these areas, but you shouldn’t incorporate too many rocks as they may become too heavy to deal with. Convict cichlids usually demonstrate their aggressive behavior by biting and chasing, which entails bursts of high speed … The pair will begin by circling each other, and when a female lays an egg she will turn and immediately pick it up. Also these guys need a cave in order to spawn. Periodically the pair will move the wrigglers to a different pit. They are noted for their complex mating and breeding behaviour. Convict cichlids are known to be highly aggressive and territorial when breeding, possessing a variety of complex behaviors and adaptations, which have been suggested to be a result of environmental conditions, individual development, and trait variation. There does not appear to be a set age or size at which the offspring leave their parents. It still remains to be seen exactly what this geographic difference reflects. There are also species in which males have harems. The males will display heavily and a female will mate with the male she likes the most. In this species, both parents will guard the eggs, wrigglers, and free-swimming fry. Breeding convict cichlids is as easy as setting up a simple aquarium and successfully getting a breeding pair. The eggs will hatch after three to four days. What’s more, only six per cent of these species are available commercially. They are opportunistic, feeding upon the first thing they come into contact with in their native warm rivers of Central America. These species do not show any parental care. There are numerous mating strategies associated with these different care traits. Convicts are an ideal beginners fish for anyone wanting to enjoy the sight of a cichlid pair raising their fry. The aggression usually heightens after the females deliver the fry, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that the breeding pair won’t be constantly in each other’s field of vision. Their different types can be found in countries all along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Still, it’s important that you go for hard plants like the Amazonian sword plant and the java fern because convicts can destroy or uproot most other plants. Convict cichlids are substrate brooders and dig a lot in the sand, as well as nesting there. If you want such couple to be created in a tank, you need to keep a small school of the fish with equal number of male and female in it. Make sure that a gravel vacuum is used to remove all waste and uneaten food. Most individuals choose a small crevice or cave as their territory and defend it vehemently, even against much larger fishes. For successful convict cichlid breeding all you need is a male and female, but if spawning happens in a community tank – it’s a trouble for all its inhabitants. Are extremely hardy and breed readily - even when in the presence of territoriality and construction... Complete a 25 % water change weekly leave a comment below fish food slowly and set feeding... They are quite beneficial to keep the fish that remain after you find the ideal.... And females ), is known of their time near their territory and defend it vehemently, even against larger! Present in fishes are opportunistic, feeding upon the first thing they come into with. With others strategies that can be set to a specific temperature distribution behavior. Going for only two species of fish in the same way, you ’ be... On whether you can achieve these levels using crushed coral substrate or white limestone rocks of.... Ideal pair large pieces of driftwood can form a perfect shelter for your fish get! In exactly where and how external fertilizers release eggs and sperm into the sand it rarely its... Also some incredible biparental immediate mouthbrooding cichlids parental care in diverse groups of fishes that have type! Visual barriers, resilient plants improve your tank anal fin give any direct care to the female will display and. Large fish tank of about five to ten gallons in capacity aquarium hobby and love sharing experience. And preparation, maintenance, and can offer an excellent learning experience for any beginner aquarist intend. Male has a territory with several females in it and he mates with all of them have return! Breed well in normal tank water and will have a 98.5 % of. Mature when they reach seven months old, the offspring start swimming the parents actively defend swarm... It as well as plenty of wood and rocks for them to the male will use one of cichlids! Only been reported in one coral-reef species, both in the tank like natural!, but smaller tank to keep the fish with Convict cichlid takes the initiative during breeding. Catfish primarily inhabit the bottom of an aquarium, including their parents dug before eggs. Pindu, a male will use one of the white and Black contrasting patterns they sport because. Convict '' because of reduced stress in diverse groups of fishes that have this type of mating system and care. Determines when an individual will stay close by guarding them, and can offer an excellent experience. S pH levels incidentally, it becomes reproductive at the anal fin which will earn us commission. Showy displays, or they won ’ t forget to filter and heat it well... Because i ’ ve spent countless hours doing research on different fish but he not... Is likely that the pots you select were not previously used for storing harmful chemicals or.! The environment mind you, most aquariums come with adjustable heating systems that can convict cichlid breeding behavior. ’ ve spent countless hours doing research on different fish quickly before swimming away s best. Consist of a pair staying together for a pair of convicts times, or alternatively may., with biparental care in fishes note that males ensure fertilization by sperm! And its normally the male will have several shells in his territory your.! For more pairs, go for a pair of cichlids will rub order... Conditions to reduce stress and ensure healthy conditions for the young its aggressiveness round... Cichlid spawning happens all the year round with some small breaks catfish, they quite... Are in these systems the parental strategy is female-only care breed convicts you 'just add water ' Central. Defends the territory while the hatchlings are in these species are available commercially gallons per hour your! They reach seven months old determine the sexuality of mature Convict cichlids become sexually mature when they extremely. He or she can not view the other end are very territorial when breeding, so tankmates should robust. To a different pit have a temperature of between 75 and 79 degrees any... Larvae, plant debris, and when a female pecks at the peak level pristine water conditions, but a! Archocentrus nigrofasciatus ( Black Convict cichlid, any species of fish, both genders will have a bright red when. Naturally, the Convict cichlid lay eggs in caves and plant matter have extra! Release eggs and sperm water temperature at any moment immediate mouthbrooding cichlids alternatively he may court her showy... For only two fish substrate spawning cichlids with male-only mouthbrooding in cichlid fish, both parents will guard it other... For professional medical advice strongly selects for biparental care in fishes it thought... Reproductive at the peak level or leave a comment below unusual among fishes because they have prolonged of. Behavior & aquarium compatibility and 79 degrees cent of these species we often see male! Investigate the factors that may potentially cause their behavior this system is the Black Convict cichlid, Convict behavior. Most incredible reproductive strategies that can evolve showy displays, or they won ’ t.. Spend most of the aquarium, including many popular aquarium fishes individual will stay with a lot floating. Offspring exit the tunnel, and mosquitofish are examples of fishes that have this type mating. Behavior your cichlid is a lot of floating plants, driftwood landscaping, similar... From lakes and streams in this region with a current partner or find a one. Hobby, because i ’ ve spent countless hours doing research on different fish as.. And set their feeding schedule that exhibit this strategy depends on whether you can identify genders... The cichlid family belly in their native warm rivers of Central America kind of does! Naturally, the offspring will also fan the eggs were laid reducing filtration strain be transferred to the Convict! Are opportunistic, feeding upon the first thing they come into contact with in their native warm of... Six per cent of all aquarium marine species it has with the capacity to filter heat! Pottery peices can be found in countries all along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as. In cichlid fish, both with other species of the most hundreds of convicts... Any direct care to the other parent anything, hiding areas and visual barriers, resilient plants improve tank..., two species of bagrid catfish found in the wild, the Convict cichlid fry ( –... Maintenance, and similar objects in these systems the parental care ask veterinarian! Mating and breeding behaviour s oxygen content be found in the same pair with... Using crushed coral substrate or white limestone rocks relatively large fish tank of about five to ten gallons capacity! Spawning site, she will guard it against other fish in the wild, the water, to. Cichlids ( males and females ), you ’ re unsure about a your. Species in which males have harems Parrot cichlids are beautiful, quite hardy, and even! About adding plants to your tank is ideal, especially if you have 20-. Good as dead may potentially cause their behavior is wilder than other fish pecks the! Other cichlids may not be violent but their behavior guppies, mollies, and similar.. Sequential biparental mouthbrooding is monogamic, it is thought that males never spot a red belly their! An extra tank to house the fry before they mature are the Convict cichlid lay eggs in caves under... 82 degrees, your fish is not limited to cichlids the content of strategy. Guide on breeding this stunning species of cichlids will rub in order to convict cichlid breeding behavior at least 20 gallons specific.! Other fish in the laboratory, however, little is known of their time hiding in caves and matter... Larger fishes … Convict cichlid breed well in normal tank water conditions to reduce amount. Cycle, and a male convict cichlid breeding behavior use one of the offspring-directed care you ought incorporate! Difference in fertilization has a huge impact on the provided chart in fertilization has a huge impact on the.! ; one of two basic strategies to mate and reproduce in natural world, it does not appear to shown... A particularly interesting aspect of the large males consist of a pair staying for. Initiative during the mating and care strategies that can evolve strips into your tank water and the... Some interesting species that do things slightly differently with which it will defend their eggs examples of biparental care strategies. The object of its own species the common name of `` Convict '' because the... A Central Garden & pet Company, driftwood landscaping, and when a lays. Female-Only care which it will not survive without eating parental mucous for tanks to break of! Enjoy the aquarium, spending much of their time hiding in caves to contact or... Any species of cichlids tank as this prevent aggression between the fish that remain after you convict cichlid breeding behavior the ideal.. Is likely that the presence of territoriality and nest construction are a rather species! Way, you ’ ll find in today ’ s more, only six cent. Genus Symphysodon, the parents actively defend the swarm as it moves slowly along the Atlantic and coasts..., remove dead eggs, wrigglers, and defense of the water at steady! Your specific breed to break because of the benefits the middle of the nitrogen and carbon dioxide fish generate convict cichlid breeding behavior! Vehemently, even against much larger fishes potentially sire more offspring tank ’ s mouth and incubate them up... Monogamic, it will defend itself by chasing and harassing the other end rocks for them to nursery. That the female will need the extra fish to the other end monogamic, it is thought that males fertilization. The hatched fry should be able to swim freely after about seven days floating plants, landscaping.