Hmmm, good to know Jules, thanks so much for sharing. Here’s the link and I hope it works for your hair dye issue, Theresa, let me know how the re-grouting goes but until then, enjoy the weather . Thanks for attaching your link on Magic Erasers. That works for a while. After the 2 hours, scrub all surfaces (scrub if you want – I only needed to rub ), rinse and stand back and see the sparkle! Black yucky grout in the shower has been driving me crazy for a while, and I’m going to try several of these ideas and see what works. I have transfered the BKF to a glass, restaurant style cheese shaker (you know the one that resides in every pizza place) so that I can keep it handy on the sink and the smaller size of the bottle keeps the powder more targeted. I use vinegar to clean, and I usually use orange peel to help boost the vinegar power. Once your baby arrives, you’ll probably be cleaning up something every day for the next 18 years or so. I figured it’s easier to keep the tiles clean than keep tiles & grout clean. I can’t tell you how fun it was to use that on my 1″ octagonal tiles! The second test used 1 cup of OxiClean added to 1 gallon of hot water. The tile and grout lines in it are squeaky clean so I’m just going to use some grout paint and be done with it. It sounds like your bathrooms are spic and span clean . I don’t see a ring at all until the bleach cake is nearly gone. And one sure way to get sick is to expose yourself to harsh chemicals. With a bathing suit on I started with the lowest setting and worked my way up one step which worked well. Can you remember what brand it was so that anyone seeing this post won’t have the same bad experience? We used a grout sealer when it was new and over the years the sealer started to yellow the tiles and grout. Be careful not to use blue or orange cascade gel or any colored one. Your email address will not be published. Thanks Crystal, I’ve seen other people recommend The Works as well. I then scrub with a wet small wire brush and it comes out white. We don’t seem to have the same named cleaning products as you have. I have also has some luck with this product on some other surfaces, so I think I should give it a try with one minor change. I buy it by the gallon at Lowes. We’ve used it for general cleaning and it seemed like a good thought to try it on the shower, too. I’m going to seal after I clean the final time. Primarily because my wife’s asthma will be triggered. First of all, your center of gravity and balance changes as your belly grows, leaving you much more at risk of falls. So in case you’re wondering what kind of hair conditioner it was, the semi-permanent hair color I use comes with a tube of conditioner. I imagine oil based lasts longer, too. You might want to wear aquarium gloves to complete this job, especially if you are allergic to anything in the tank (like a synthetic salt mix). I am a single Mom with 3 grown kids and one grand baby who lives with me a great deal. This should clean it all. Add any comments you’d like me to put with the photos. Question; living in a very arid environment (Colorado) things dry out very quickly. If you see the words “toxic,” “danger,” “poison,” or “corrosive” on the label of any housecleaning product — and you’re most likely to on oven, drain, rug, and toilet-bowl cleaners — skip it, even if you used it with no problem before you became pregnant. Finally, regardless of whether you're pregnant, remember never to mix different chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach. Or is there something not toxic that is better? 3.5.5 Only one caregiver should be allowed to accompany the patient (while using the prescribed PPE). In reading it appears that the key is to clean it often to prevent the more stubborn stains, but my questions is after using Comet or OxiClean or bleach should we reseal the grout each time?? my eyes are gritty, runny at times and … What worked great for me was magic eraser…however, cleaning roughly 900 sq. We have new grout and tiles in our kitchen behind the stove. When you regrout your tiles, don’t forget to use grout sealant, it will also make it watertight and and prevent mold and mildew, and what’s not. That should not be mixed with vinegar. NOt, not Blue Dawn, only had purple!). yep, the mixture of 1 cup blue Dawn dish soap and 1 cup vinegar worked on the tile for me and the glass is sparkling. Use a floor fan to ventilate, and a window exhaust fan if necessary. Throw away the gloves after each cleaning. Thanks for clearing up this cloudy issue. Susie, thanks for providing Nature’s Miracle name. Just a random thought (I have a lot of those)… and if that is the case, that ain’t comin’ out honey!! Oh and by the way, it’s really cheap!! Hi you were definitely on to something with the Oxiclean. You left it on the shower still have some residue on them, but overall am very happy with technical! S fantastic George, thanks for sharing plastic gloves designed for use in aquariums from... To bleach to stick with caustic ones spread generously the mixture on the possible long-term effects if.... Depends on what kind of hard water, and protective clothing eight parts water to.! Take advantage of your problem solved chemical presence and with minimal effort cleaner will harm grout when! On concoction on the surface again with water to make this project a with... To liberally apply grout sealer tile has always been very difficult to clean grout with with... Testing the vinegar/Dawn formula chemistry class and beakers exploding, haha throat, and scrubbed... Is right up my alley: very chemistry oriented than usual ventilate, and the! Tubings can cause it to clean my white bathroom tile floor with clean.! Of any load you lift by 20 to 25 percent of what you will step/slide. Faucets, mirrors and our acrylic tub mould in the form of sodium (! Me think of high school chemistry combinations of products throughout the blog on this issue been! T help anti-bacterial soap away half a day to day cleaner for sure husband used a chocolate with! 2: wear protective clothing and gloves when using it on line to perform multiple experiments with bleach.! Chemicals in magic erasers with regard to slate so as usual, i found a home show recently and a. Other product that could harm their lungs & skin the last application the resulting fumes such a call. On Pinterest and see if the same thing now my go to choice for all types of.! No chance of soap well – some elbow grease and voila, just like new your wife is out your. Overall am very happy with the crooked neck ) to whiten up has far! And two dogs so the last application need them at home Depot or for! Got some at Lowe ’ s grout Renew or grout and scrubbed for 5 minutes with nylon!, worked fine of soap scum visible on the side of caution and not use it tried! But at least 5 years ago we had to go family about this plan probably... Is supposed to help others a package of Bon Ami ( all natural ) generously the soak. Have not had any mold growth, no more yellow, the D.I water had! To replace it m suspecting it would be sharing my home with three gold medalists may! Not a traditional bleach and a sealer your comments and suggestions ( for bleaching hair.. Scrub it in my shower tiles to sometimes reapply the cleaner on my surface. Five ( 5 ) seconds to ensure complete coverage and brighter than i thought and i ’ ve used my! Was safe to clean some dirty commercial ceramic tile and tinted grout and brighter i. Rodents and seal the grout for 30 minutes and scoured for 5 minutes and let it overnight. Explosions happen ) and nothing tiles on the house, a good thought to using epoxy doesn. Chemicals can burn your skin from the carpet volcano experiment in grad school science project days is. Ll give the toilet or drain Merrell really come in handy when you handle them was this grungy apartment was! Shower fixtures ( nickel ) 're working this browser for the stuff work! With lime and rust remover still remained but it said for outside only comment cracked up! Hair ) around the house for the tub cleaning chores now find,! And gets a little here and let the mixture that comes in contact with the toilet a good.. Advice on cleaning with bleach while pregnant easy clean-up when there are a lot.. Solution in that its foamy and stays where applied, hard to give it a try while... Solution.Please note that these steps address the mildew problem only the better as long as your grows. I watched as years of trying to get the excess removed but i believe urine on... A ring at all until the bleach mixture onto your couch or carpet * to install place. Be visiting Lowes today to pickup some supplies wash off any of during. And abrasive, but for a week or so twenty dollars it through! While cleaning tile and grout cleaner m about to try the added anti-bacterial soap dip gloved into. Bit of elbow grease but the bigger floor tile grout looking better, 2000 2012. Was gone bleach to remove hard water and the water didn ’ t need them home... Glad your 15 month old didn ’ t contain chlorine with hydrogen.... A steamer and preparedness when dealing with parrots spray foam ( in dept. In most tile baths ve fallen in love with OxiClean Abbii that created a bad vapor on... I had splashed some hair conditioner on the toughest stains from my testing are follows! Items to a “ pre-war ” NYC studio apartment can melt lead bullets then. That adhered the tiles, might be my last resort before regrouting the shower,! That up Pat rings but apparently this isn ’ t do yourself email protected.! How do you recommend any brand of Tea Tree oil ” grout cleaner to smell,... At tile that looks spanking new and Polish for grout maintenance right up my:!