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Azuza Soft Rock™ Decorative Ground Cover

Made From Dried Recycled Paint

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Azuza Soft Rock made from dried latex paint

Use Azuza Soft Rocks instead of gravel

Azuza Soft Rock™ is manufactured using a patent pending technology which transforms collected Latex Paint Aggregate or LPA (the dried and hardened material found at the bottom of paint cans) into a decorative ground landscape cover, thus giving it new life and keeping it out of our landfills.
Besides being good for the environment, Azuza Soft Rock™ simulates the texture of pea gravel but is much lighter and is more colorful than natural rock.   
Azuza Soft Rock™ is available in 55-lb bags (1 cu ft) and comes in eight variations of variegated colors that blend with most any landscape theme while helping to retain ground moisture around plants, assists in retarding weed growth while offering natural beauty in planters, walkways or just about any area that needs to be enhanced by the look of gravel.  
It's definitely a perfect alternative to heavy natural rock, wood mulch, wood bark, wood shavings, pea gravel, sand or grass.  
Azuza Soft Rock™ is also easy to handle, easy to spread, soft to walk on and for larger projects can be manufactured in custom colors to accent specific décor themes both inside and out at facilities such as casinos, amusement parks, shopping malls, corporate & government buildings.
Now everyone from homeowners to commercial landscapers have an eco-friendly alternative to a unique and cost effective ground cover material made from recycled paint!
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What is Azuza Soft Rock Made From?

Azuza Soft Rock made from dried paint aggregate

That dried hard paint at the bottom of paint cans is not considered waste at Acrylatex.  We have a special process in which these Latex Paint Aggregate (LPA) pieces are ground up into small bits then coloring added along with other special coating applied to complete the process of turning this waste stream into Azuza Soft Rock™, a renewable recycled paint resource. 


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