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Azuza Soft Rock™ Custom Colors

Can Be Manufactured To Match Any Landscape Theme

Azuza Soft Rock can be made to match any decor inside or outside

Azuza Soft Rock™ (ASR) is better than gravel because it can be manufactured to better blend with any interior decor or exterior landscape theme.  


Azuza Soft Rock™ colors are not limited and can manufactured from "mild" to "wild" which is something you just can get with natural gravel.


Deep blues, bright greens, vibrant oranges are all possible colors that can be used to set the mood of any planter boxes and surrounding environment theme whether it's indoors or out.



  + Made from recycled latex paint 
  + Lighter weight than gravel
  + Can be made in unlimited colors
  + Cost effective
  + Looks fantastic

Ideal applications are casinos, restaurants, hotels, HOA's, museums, shopping malls, etc.   Minimum quantity orders apply for custom color runs.
Azuza Soft Rock can be made to bled with just about any interior theme


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