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Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling., Inc. is a reclamation plant that receives thousands of gallons of new, surplus, mis-tints and unwanted left-over paint from a variety of sources.  These collected paints are then carefully processed through several manufacturing procedures to be transformed into a variety of renewable and affordable products including our own brand of "Life Cycle" recycled paint (architectural paint).  
Life Cycle paint can be used on both interior or exterior applications for homes, apartments, condominiums and commercial buildings.  In addition to our architectural paint line, Acrylatex also uses its recycled paint to manufacture other renewable products from what was once considered waste and discarded into our landfills. 

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By using a recycled paint for your home, condo or business, you help support the efforts of maintaining an enviromentaly friendly eco-system for our planet without sacrificing quality.  With all of Acrylatex's products; Life Cycle recycled paint, Tag-Out graffiti abatement paint, Egduls asphalt coating and Azuza Soft Rock decorative ground cover, you are assured some of getting some of the best products available for your application.  Our low prices are more cost effective than new or virgin products and recycled paint products are a renewable resource that everyone can use as well supporting the cause of keeping excess waste out of our landfills.

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