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Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling, Inc. was established in 2008 as a latex recycling facility in Azusa, CA for the purpose of collecting and processing latex paint into re-usable products. As an approved California recycling facility, Acrylatex has contracts with several companies who conduct "Neighborhood Round-Ups" to collect unused paint from local residents. In addition to working with painting contractors, paint distributors and retail stores as a direct means of liquidating their surplus inventory. Through these same channels we are also supplied with paint mis-tints, returns and expired inventory.


All collected materials are recycled; including can, pails and pallets.We strive to keep as much out of our landfills as possible  while creating cost-effective products. Inbound latex paint to the Acrylatex facility is first sorted upon arrival, chemically treated using various engineering techniques to restore the paint properties back to original specifications and passing through several quality assurance checks along the process before the recycled paint is certified for packaging. Any of the collected paints that do not meet the strict quality standards for processing to become architectural or graffiti coatings is further processed into asphalt coating sealants and ground cover products.

Typically the price for our reprocessed paint is about half (1/2)    
Similar to recycling aluminum cans, most of the cost for manufacturing latex paint was spent when the original or virgin paint was made. Since Acrylatex only needs to  reprocess the collected paint and put in additives to restore it to its original properties, there is a huge savings over latex paint from scratch.  That savings is passed back to Acrylatex customers.
We currently sell our products factory direct to the public as well as to professional painting contractors.  Some of our customers include:
State, City & County Maintenance Depts., Corporate Facilities, Painting Contractors, HOA Communities, Apartment Owners, Graffiti Abatement Companies/Crews, & Residential Homeowners.
  Why not try Acrylatex recycled paint for yourself. and see why most all professional painting contractors who switched to "Life Cycle" paint have become loyal customers.  The outstanding quality and substantial cost savings they were seeing makes it hard to go back to their name brand paints.


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